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Playing and learning at home with your children can be challenging but also very special and meaningful. The secret lies in simple things that you can provide for and create with your children. They will appreciate your company more than anyone and will feel more engaged in their explorations, through the support you may give to their ideas and suggestions. Do not underestimate them, they are amazing planners and their imagination doesn't have boundaries. I am sure you will be surprised by noticing how much you can learn from your children, just give them voice and let them explore.

There are many suggestions that will help you to use different kinds of materials that you already have at home. Please, do not waste money, the most significant learning resources are made by yourselves, as a team!

The concept of loose parts fits perfectly to develop significant learning experiences that you can explore with your children every day.

You might be asking yourself: “Loose parts?” - Loose parts come in many different shapes and sizes; they’re objects with no predetermined purpose that can be used in a variety of ways (...) when it comes to loose parts, it’s less about the materials you provide and more about allowing resources to be used in unique ways, giving children the opportunity to discover, create, explore, experiment and invent freely. - Laura England

By providing loose parts to your children, you will observe the great potential of a card box, stones, paper rolls, wooden pegs, buttons, wool, fabrics, pines, beads, and others. There is a world of possibilities of new creations, games, engineering and art projects, etc.

When providing these kinds of resources, we suggest you categorise and sort them out, the way you feel it is meaningful to your children, by using different boxes, baskets, cups, wooden plates, trays, and others.

Keep it simple, less is more!

Some suggestions of materials and learning experiences you can explore at home:

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