The creation of Togetherness began with Tânia, Ana and a dream.


Passionate about Education and Research in Early Childhood, Tânia has participated in international projects and has been sharing her knowledge in schools and with families since 2012. Confident that she was ready to follow her dreams and share her ideas, she invited Ana to collaborate with her and create a wonderful project for everyone! 


Enthusiastic about art and teaching, Ana has developed various art projects with children and adults in the past few years. Her watercolours take us to another dimension where everything is possible and show us how delicate it can be. Perfectionist and dedicated, Ana has embraced different challenges as an artist and a wonderful mum. 

Ana has accepted Tania’s invitation without a doubt. Together, they have started to share ideas and build an amazing project from the scratch.

Togetherness is the word that commands their thoughts and imagination. They want to provide many learning experiences where children and adults explore, create and learn… together! 

The idea behind Togetherness began with the idea of creating a learning box where families will find meaningful projects to work on and improve themselves as learners and critical thinkers.