Penguins are the cutest cold-weather animals, so it's no wonder they're the inspiration for so many arts and crafts!

You'll love this project, it is perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, and older kids, too. 

These penguins are made from egg cartons that usually end up in your recycling container! It’s cheap, environmentally friendly, and it’s all just sitting there, waiting for you to transform it into something new 😊 

Please, don’t worry if your penguin looks different from our pictures, that’s perfectly fine! It’s about working with materials you’ve already got and adapting them if you need to.

You will need:

Egg carton;

Cereal box cardboard;

Small scissors;


Paint or markers;

Paint brush;

Black pen.


The penguins are made from the long pointy cones that help protect the eggs in the carton.

Step 1

Cut out a cone from the egg carton. Try to cut the bottom along a straight line so your penguin won’t end up a wobbly one.


Step 2

Paint one side of the cone with white paint (if you don’t have paints just leave it blank). Let it dry.

Step 3

Paint the rest of the cone black, around the white/blank side. When it’s dry draw the eyes with your black pen.

penguin 2.jpeg

Step 4

Paint the cardboard yellow. Cut a triangle for the beak and glue it under the eyes. Cut two more triangles (slightly longer) for the feet (you can round off the ends a little). Glue the pointy ends underneath the cone and leave it to dry (you can use a clip to keep them in place), before bending into place.


And that’s it! You can easily turn them into finger puppets 😉 Your kids will get hours of play out of these adorable penguins!