Let’s continue to do some activities to reduce waste. With simple actions  we can change our future, specially our planet's future.

First, let’s make some orange juice for everyone! Then, instead of throwing the orange peels to the bin I would like to invite you to make bird feeders to hang on the trees with them.  

 Through this suggestion we are going to explore a big area of learning, the Understanding of the World, specially  cooking skills and awareness of nature and animals. You will only need:

- Oranges;

- Orange juice making machine;

- Twine;

- Birds seeds.

First Step: Cut the oranges and make your own orange juice. After that it’s important to taste it and add to your delicious breakfast;

Second Step: Make two holes, one on each side of the orange peel and tie a twine in each hole with a knot;

Third Step: Fill the orange peels with the bird food;

Fourth Step: Hang them on the trees.

Now it’s time to work and explore! Your belly will thank you and the birds too.



As we all know, it is imperative to share with children how important it is to respect our planet and how to take care of it in our daily bases. 

Today I’m going to give you the first suggestion of something you can explore at home with your children, by only using resources that you already have, you don’t need to buy anything new, that is not the point.

Let’s make puppets from recycled materials! Through this suggestion we are going to explore different areas of learning, such as Expressive arts, Communication and Language, and Understanding of the World, once we are going to create characters from recycled materials that children will be able to play with. Besides that it is our intent to encourage them to reuse old materials and give them a different end.

You will need:

- Toilet paper roll;

- Ice cream stick or just a tree stick;

- Glue (white glue it’s an option). 

You can use the materials mentioned above or you can also add others you might have at home to decorate the puppet, such as: 

- Scrap paper;

- Coloured pencils;

- Paints;

- Cotton;

- Fabrics;

- Egg carton;

- …

Now it’s time to create and make your own and unique recycled puppet!

sofia 3.jpeg
sofia 5.jpg
sofia 4.jpg
sofia 6.jpg