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My name is Sofia Tavares and I’m an Early Years Teacher. When I first started to work in a school I have shared on my personal Instagram account some activities and reflections based on my work, however, I have felt it wasn’t enough and later I have decided to create a new account where I could share more about my role as an Early Years Teacher and highlight some thoughts, reflections and activities - “Lugar da imaginação”. 
My main goal is to share my vision as a conscient citizen who understands the emergency of different approaches that will help everyone to value the resources we have by reducing, recycling and reusing. As adults we might share these values with children helping them to become more curious and critical about the environment.
I also believe that children must have an active voice on their learning process and our role as adults is to listen to them and try to meet their needs and motivations as continual learners. We also might encourage them to explore, to be creative, to take risks and to ask as many questions as they want. While developing these skills, children will become more responsible, sensitive and aware of the world where they live.
If you want to know more about myself and my work, please follow me on instagram @lugardaimaginacao .



Former Portuguese and English Teacher with a degree in Modern Languages and Literature, I am a mum of two, Eva and Henrique and am passionate about children’s books. My kids are no exception since they’ve lived their whole lives surrounded by books and know no other reality. 
I believe starting to read to them at a young age brings uncountable benefits to their development in general. I have noticed how much it has contributed to my son’s development in concentration, speech and even bilingualism.
We love all kinds of books, but have a soft spot for books that are different in typology and theme, such as interactive books for instance, or that stress topics such as feelings and emotional/social intelligence, diversity, tolerance, self-love, gender equality and, finally, we love any good story. Who can resist a good story after all?!
You can follow and learn all about our favourite stories and our book suggestions on our instagram page @ashistoriasdanossavida , a page entirely dedicated to children's literature.



My name is Ana and I’m the founder of Blush Forest, a project where I share my work as a fine artist while teaching different art techniques as well. While living in London, I’ve been creating different collections (flowers, animals, city details, portraits and others) where I share my view and detailed perspective. Through my watercolours I want to take you to another dimension where everything is possible and show you how delicate it can be.

Enthusiastic about art and teaching, I’ve developed various art projects with children and adults in the past few years. Through my art projects I aim to promote moments of learning and creativity where everyone feels welcome to express their ideas, thoughts and feelings. 

In this sense I would love to invite you to join me in this art journey where you will find lots of suggestions such as, art and craft, watercolour, drawing techniques, illustration tips, art projects in family, and others. 

If you want to know more about my project and work, please don’t hesitate and follow me on instagram @blush_forest .



Nutritionist, graduated in Dietetics and Nutrition, with a postgraduate course in Quality Management and Food Safety.

During my career, I have been working as a nutrition consultant in several clinics, hospitals, fitness centers and health clubs.

I am passionate about healthy eating, healthy families and healthy children.

Enthusiastic about cooking, I love to teach recipes and give some tips to help people change the way they eat and how they see and understand food.

When booking an appointment with me, you will get personalized and detailed advice with practical information, advice on the purchase of specific products and clarification of cooking methods, simple recipes and practices adapted to the routines of each one.

I believe that food plays one of the biggest and more important roles in our health and that it must be cared for and balanced from conception, with special emphasis on pediatric age. Food choices made in childhood are the starting point for targeted consumption in adulthood, which is why it is extremely important to provide children (and families) with information and training of basic healthy eating concepts by giving a greater perception of their importance, to health.